Makeup Directions 2018
Please see first photo below for a general idea. For pictures you may lighten
up the makeup quite a bit if you choose. For the recital, makeup should be
heavier/darker than moms would normally wear or as they would for a
special occasion. Remember, the stage lights will wash their faces out and
the makeup is there to help define their features so they all look like they do
up close (2 eyebrows, lips etc. Regular Facial features will be washed out
from stage lights.) Makeup for ALL skin colors should remain in neutral tones
with a neutral pinkish-brown lip color.

1. Apply foundation to entire face
2. Set foundation by applying a layer of powder to entire face
3. Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks sweeping up the cheekbone
4. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with the light/crystal colored
shadow. Apply a medium brown eyeshadow across entire eyelid. Then
"highlight" the s just under the eyebrow with a light white/crystal colored
eyeshadow. Lastly, fill in the crease and outer edge of eye lid with a darker
brown shadow and _ blend_ well.
5. Line upper eyelid with a line of black eyeliner
6. Apply two generous coats of mascara
(*7. Apply false eyelashes. *Students 14+ only)
7. Apply a natural dark pink/brown lipstick. No frosty pink or light colors,
which make lips disappear on stage. Suggested (and affordable!) lip colors:
NYX in Liquid Suede, NYX in Soft Brown, L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Molto
Mauve. Elf has a line of affordable makeup as well in similar colors.

*It is not required that you purchase anything new! You may already own
most of these makeup colors.