Introducing the Choreographers - Olivia Daniels

We are please and excited to present the premier performance of Vision Dance Theatre - Valley Academy for the Arts’ pre-professional dance company. The performance will be:

Saturday, March 9, 2019

2:00 pm

at The Grand Oshkosh

Kaleidoscope presents the work of several renowned choreographers. In this series, please meet our choreographers:

Olivia Daniels

Olivia Blog1.jpg

Olivia is 20 years old.  She is a very colorful, creative and passionate young woman. She is an ARTIST! And is thrilled anytime she has the opportunity to share her creative talents and imaginings with others. 

Olivia was born with a rare genetic syndrome call Hypohydrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia.  It affects her hair, teeth, skin, nails and sweat glands.  Additionally, Olivia has faced developmental learning challenges. Growing up looking and feeling different hasn’t always been easy for Olivia. But she embraces her differences.  And, like a true artist, she loves being unique.  Her passions give her confidence to face and rise above challenges.

Dance has always been a part of Olivia’s life.  She took her first ballet class when she was just 3 years old and she never stopped.   Dance is how she expresses herself and releases her emotions. She attended dance classes at Mirror Image Dance Academy from 2004-2013.  While at MIDA she was active in Performing Company for 7 years and The Nutcracker Ballet for 8 years. Roles she held included Little Snowflake, Chinese Dancer, Spanish Dancer, Party Girl, Party Server, Battle Mouse and Twirlygig.  Throughout her time at MIDA she also experimented with many others styles of dance (Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Irish, Musical Theatre and Modern). But her passion for ballet only grew stronger. 

 Olivia joined Valley Academy for the Arts six years ago in 2013.   She was most delighted to study classical ballet at VAA with performance opportunities in classic stories like Peter and The Wolf (Water and Grass), Hansel and Gretel (Bird),  Pippi (Pirate, Country Girl), Twelve Dancing Princesses (Mazurka Vender), Where the Wild Things Are ( Solo role as the Moon), as well perform Variations from classic ballets during Just Tchaikovsky.  She’s enjoyed VAA Summer Intensives.  And also just completed her 14th season of Nutcracker.  This includes the past 6 seasons with VAA at Nutcracker in the Castle where she danced the roles of Marzipan Trio and Doll soloist.

Olivia entered into the world of competition dance from 2009 – 2017 mostly as a soloist.  It was during this time that she discovered her passion for telling stories.  She began by working with her choreographers: choosing her music, creating her stories, designing her costumes and adding her own phrases within her dances.  She has been choreographing her own ballet/contemporary solos for the past 4 years.  Her solo choreography credits include:  Believe, Finding Me, Frolic, and Chariots of Fire.   Most recently, she choreographed her first pointe solo titled, The Pirate Queen, and made a dream come true by performing it on stage as part of the Passion Presentations for the 2019 Wisconsin Miss Amazing pageant.  

Olivia was recently crowned the 2019 Wisconsin Miss Amazing Jr. Miss.  She also held the titles for Wisconsin Miss Amazing 2018 Teen and the Uniquely You 2017 Teen.  Both organization help girls and women with disabilities grow in their confidence and leadership skills.  She has used her titles to help advocate for girls and women with disabilities.  Olivia’s journey as a state representative for Wisconsin Miss Amazing is just beginning.  Later this year she will travel to Chicago to attend National Miss Amazing and compete for a National title. 

Olivia created a platform called Operation Cool-Danna to help raise awareness for the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias and for Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion.  This is important to Olivia, because a main feature of her syndrome is that she doesn’t sweat.  She is unable to internally regulate her body temperature and overheats easily just from being in a warm environment.  The cooling neck bands (Cool-Dannas) help to keep her body cool.

Olivia created another platform called Operation In-Full Bloom as a way to spread acts of kindness by sharing her signature hair flowers with others.

Olivia is currently an intern at Project Search where she is working on her employability skills and becoming more independent.  Her future dreams include becoming a published author, work in the field of costume design and creating a special needs dance company.  Through her passions, Olivia hopes to inspire others, make a positive impact in her community and a positive change in the world for people with special needs. 

Olivia jumped at the chance when she was offered the opportunity to participate in a student choreography project. And is very excited to be showcasing her very first self-choreographed group piece which she calls The Human Spirit.