Moving Beyond the Battlefield - Lake Arts Project

The Mission of Lake Arts Project is to give young people an experience immersed in art, teaching them that art is an essential part of life. We accomplish this through creative and collaborative performance-based projects.

For the past 4 years, Valley Academy for the arts instructor, Katharina Abderholden has been an active participant, guest choreographer and performer in the Lake Arts Project. This year, Katharina played a key role in the Lake Arts Projects Moving Beyond the Battlefield. Moving Beyond the Battlefield was a joint effort between Lake Arts, Feast of Crispian and DNAWorks, providing support through the creative arts for military veterans who are suffering with PTSD.  The end result of Moving Beyond the Battlefield was an interdisciplinary production incorporating storytelling, poetry, spoken word, visual art, and dance.

Katharina Abderholden was commissioned to choreograph and lead the production entitled, “13 Folds” and participated as a dancer in the final piece. Valley Academy for the Arts students, Akiwela Burayidi, Margot Sanderfoot, Daria Thielen and VAA graduate Imogene Gillard also participated as paid, professional dancers.

Moving Beyond the Battlefield was presented at DanceWorks Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 12-13 to rave reviews.