Ballet Programs

Ongoing registration throughout the year



    Student Division:  K-12

    Students of Valley Academy for the Arts are trained in the extended Vaganova Method of Classical Ballet. Agrippina Vaganova (1879-1951) was a distinguished Russian ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher. She created her own method of teaching ballet, while her book, ‘Basic Principles of Classical Ballet’ (1934), is still regarded as standard of ballet instruction. The Vaganova method is a ballet technique and training system that focuses on internalizing muscle memory, emphasizes artistry and expression, as well as injury free training.

     The foundation of our Ballet program begins with Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet.  For more information, please refer to the Children's Divison.

    Class Descriptions:

    Tutus and Tiaras
    A class designed for your preschooler and kindergartner to explore dance through story telling and creative movement. This is highly creative class where students will be introduced to the basics of classical ballet (terminology and positions) in an age appropriate method.

    Dress Requirements:

    • Pink leotard

    Ballet Level 1A (age: Kindergarten) The fundamentals of ballet are introduced at an age appropriate level with emphasis on posture, body awareness and placement. 1 Class per week

    Ballet Level 1B (ages 6 years old and older.) Students are evaluated and must demonstrate skill requirements of Level 1A. Students are taught fundamental ballet technique and learn the discipline necessary for studying classical ballet. 1 Class per week

    Ballet Levels 1C, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (class placement by experience and ability).  Students are evaluated and must demonstrate skill requirements of previous levels.  Higher level classes will require multiple classes per week. Multiple Classes per week.

    Company Class:  Invitation only. For intermediate and advanced dancers that are looking to enhance their performance opportunities and gain community service experience by participating in community outreach programs and performances

    Point (Intermediate, Advanced): Pointe class is by invitation only and at the discretion of the Artistic Director

    Modern (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

    Dress Requirements:

    • Pink or white tights (white socks may be worn during summer)
    • Pink ballet slippers
    • Leotards

            o   Ballet – 1A.  Purple
            o   Ballet – 1B.  Purple
            o   Ballet – 1C.  White
            o   Ballet – 1D.  White
            o   Ballet – 2.  Light Blue
            o   Ballet – 3.  Burgundy
            o   Ballet – 4.  Royal Blue
            o   Ballet – 5.  Navy
            o   Ballet – 6.  Black

    • Hair secured in a bun for all ballet classes
    • Boys: Black leggings with tight legs and a white shirt, black ballet slippers
    • Not allowed: shirts, sweats, legwarmers, nail polish, jewelry


    Open Division: Teen- Adult

    Valley Academy for the Arts Open Division offers classes for teens, adults and seniors at all levels of experience.  

    Class Descriptions
    Ballet – Beginning Adult: An introductory level course that introduces the fundamentals of ballet (including barre and center work).  No previous dance experience required. 

    Ballet – Intermediate Adult: An intermediate class for dancers with previous ballet experience or for those dancers who have attended Ballet-Beginning Adult.  

    Modern: All are welcome.  No previous dance experience required. 

    Dress Requirements:

    • Comfortable, athletic clothing

    Open Division please inquire for pricing

    Registration, Tuition and Payments:*
    *For Childrens' and Student Division

    We provide a convenient time each year for student registration where our instructors are available to guide you through class selection. However, sign up for classes at any time.
    Contact us for information.

    Our tuition fees are based on hours of instruction- see below for Tuition schedule. The maximum number of billable hours is 7.5 – you are free to take additional classes but they are not charged. We offer 3 payment options:

    • Annually (save $20/year)
    • Pay by term- 3 equal payments over the school year
    • Monthly- 9 payments over school year

     Annual Fee (based on hours of instruction/week)

    Tuition Schedule 2017-2018


    45 minute class - 14 weeks - $144 - Session 1 (September 12- December 16, 2017)

    45 minute class - 14 weeks - $144 - Session 2 (February 5- May 5, 2018)

    60 minute class - 42 weeks - $ 711

    75 minute class - 42 weeks - $858(1 time per week)

    75 minute class - 42 weeks - $1,665 (2 times per week)

    90 minute class - 42 weeks - $2,028 (2 times per week)

    90 minute class - 42 weeks - $2,393 (3 times per week)

    90 minute class - 42 weeks - $2,703 (4 times per week)

    90 minute class - 42 weeks - $3,360 (5 or more times per week)

    Company Class $ 500

    Adult classes - $120 - Unlimited classes per month

    Class Card - $175 for 10 classes

     Drop in class - $20