Vision Dance Theatre

- under the guidance and direction of Anne Marie Abderholden, provides pre-professional dance training and performance opportunities for qualified dancers across North-Eastern Wisconsin.   

Photo credit: Che Correa Photography

Photo credit: Che Correa Photography

Vision Dance Theatre is a self-governing organization with a board made up of its members; providing them with an opportunity to guide the direction of the company including choice of educational, leadership and service opportunities.  Community outreach is a significant part of Vision Dance Theatre’s mission and goes far beyond dance performance.  Company members have an opportunity to connect with and inspire their audience through interactive engagement.

With their rigorous rehearsal schedule, company members are given an opportunity to develop self-discipline, resilience, self-motivation along with a healthy work-life balance. As proof of this many company dancers are involved in a wide variety of activities outside of dance.  Additionally, all company members have achieved the academic excellence required for entry into the National Honor Society for Dance.

Past Vision Dance Theatre members have been awarded university scholarships for academics and dance; have been invited to study and perform with world-renowned dance companies and schools; and have gone on to serve their communities through social leadership.


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Becoming Part of the Company

With their rigorous rehearsal schedule and service to the community, Vision Dance Theatre members are embracing a higher level of commitment than other students. This level of commitment requires the company members to develop self-discipline, resilience, self-motivation and the ability to prioritize. Acceptance into the company is by invitation or audition.